What’s all this talk about Energy Management anyways ?

Posted on: Monday, May 13th, 2019


An energy audit effort is not an exercise in energy management (believe me, I heard this said many times), but a snapshot of the energy (utility) consumption juxtaposed with the energy consuming equipment at the time of the energy audit exercise. It is a reference point for designing and implementing an Energy Management system, or to check what changes in consumption profiles were registered from previous efforts to curtail utility costs.

Energy management necessitates a holistic approach. Taking as an example a hotel we recently upgraded for improved energy performance, here’s what we did;

1) With an energy audit report to hand, we implemented an automatic metering system at plant level. Automatic meter reading enables all meters to be read precisely at specific time intervals and allows for trending, a powerful tool indeed. Data from the meters was logged, analysed and converted to EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators) on the SENS REACH Energy Management & Operations Platform

2) This was followed with an automated (closed-loop in engineering parlance) control system including a set of new sensors and improved control algorithms for the chiller system (comprising chiller, pumps and cooling towers) and air-handling units

3) Rooms were upgraded with REMS, a room energy management system specifically designed for retro-fit installation in operational room. The idea is to upgrade, not replace existing controls within the room. The hotel had a mix of FCUs with elegant wall-mounted AC controllers and split-units operated from portable IR remote controls. The existing AC controllers were retained, and the portable IR controllers replaced with ACMinder, a device which mimics the AC remote control commands. The locks were integrated onto REMS and the system integrated with the PMS (property management system)

4) All data is collected by REACH, the Cloud-based Energy Management & Operations platform. REACH logs and analyses data and derives EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators) to help users steer their way for optimized energy performance. Any deviation in operation is pushed to the user on their mobile phones via the REACH App. REACH also automatically generates formatted energy and utilities consumption reports which are distributed via a client-approved e-mail list

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