Fame, makes a man think things over

Posted on: Friday, November 9th, 2018

First things first. I’m not famous. I just thought that borrowing from Bowie was apt given what has happened to ESDL over the past year. In short, we are being recognised in the markets that we serve for the specialty knowledge and solutions that are clearly differentiating us from like-competition.

That’s a rewarding feeling and one that has kept a few of us animated at executive meetings on keeping this upward trend going. The ‘think things over’ line (I guess) is a clarion call to remember where this fame came from and not lose sight of the mix that makes ESDL appealing.

Be humble with the fame and be hungry for more. Listen to what key decision makers are seeking and be solution finders not product-led salespeople. Be flexible in all but your ethics and appreciate that innovative ideas for both business and lifestyle balances can come from the most random conversations.

And this picture? Well, that was what I faced this morning when Google maps had me re-route on the way to a meeting in Mauritius. He wasn’t moving to the side and I wasn’t prepared to reverse against traffic and start another journey.

There is something to be said for taking the bull by the horns though the real story is that I grabbed the lead around his neck and yanked hard. But you get the gist.

Does moving livestock off a suburban road in Mauritius have anything to do with David Bowie? Not really. It’s a real leap to connect the two to be honest. Except that in some weird way his MOO of protest at being led away possibly had him thinking about his fate, and if more than one person ever reads this short blog then the following is possibly true:

Fame, makes a cow think things over.

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