REMS System Features

Energy efficiency and energy management system for hotel guest rooms.

System Security

How do we mitigate the security risks on REMS networks?

The REMS smart controller and sensors that are deployed in each guest room are encrypted to AES128 and communicate over a network with security factor of AES256 as standard.

The smart components and network of REMS are built with higher-level security features to comply with best industry standards demanded by international hotel brands.

Moreover, SENS is currently in the process of achieving ISO27001 the international standard for Information Security Systems.

Network Architecture Diagram – Click to enlarge

Filter Condition Indicator – FCI

The patented technology of SENS’s FCI can be built into the REMS system and will provide the property manager with a preventive maintenance tool for the cleaning of HVAC filters.

The FCI system analyses the condition of each HVAC filter in the property, reporting when it reaches a stage that prevents the HVAC system from performing effectively or efficiently.

Improved energy management and effectiveness is achieved when all HVAC units are correctly maintained. The FCI system ensures that interventions can be executed when necessary to maximise the efficiency of the AC system while reducing costs of maintenance by eliminating unnecessary cleaning cycles.

REMS Software Analytics – measuring savings

REMS is hosted on REACH™ Cloud-based software and provides real time information on the occupancy and status of all guest rooms.

REMS also meters all energy savings and directs the property management on system optimisation.

REACH™  also drives our APP to generate greater efficiency and energy savings while making the operation of REMS more convenient for users.

The key performance indicators from are pushed to the smart phones of the hotel management so the system is always reporting and updating important energy related information.


REMS can be applied as a retro-fit solution in operational hotels with any AC system. The control philosophy permits all existing equipment in the room to be retained – even the same thermostat controller.

With wired and wireless solutions available, REMS can be adapted to fit the guest room without invasive works. Installation programmes are scheduled around hotel occupancy demands and guest rooms that are installed with REMS can be handed back over for sale on the same day.

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