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Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Well no, and yes. He did, and he didn’t. Nike have been telling us since the 80’s that we should just do it. That was something of a clarion call to wake the world up from a collective, defeatist slumber and it’s such a great line that its stood the test of time campaign after campaign. So, no, there’s not a chance that we’re claiming any high ground on that more »

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Once upon a time, in a far away land ... wait, this is not a fairy tale, so let’s restart. The encounter and exchange below did take place some years ago, when I was still reading engineering quite close to home (you see, whilst this anecdote qualifies for ‘once upon a time’, it is not about ‘a far away land’ ...). During our sophomore year, we shared our electronics engineering more »

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

“Follow the energy flow in all its guises from input till output. You will never fail to analyse any system no matter how complex it may be” – probably the most insightful piece of advice I was ever given. When we are asked which is the best way to analyse a system, and not just for energy management, our approach follows this advice and typically our answer is: take the more »

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Title unashamedly inspired by Kraftwerk’s hit song, The Model. “Today, we’ll talk about modelling and analogies”, our professor declared in his typical dour mien. It seems that some human beings are incapable of smiling, and this not due to some congenital aberration. One of our precocious fellow students, a tongue-in-cheek type of guy said, “Cindy, Claudia, Naomi”, and promptly got out of his chair and went down towards the professor’s more »

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

The proliferation of renewables, with photo-voltaic installations being the most pervasive in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, has been aided and abetted by the generous subsidies proffered by governments. This is a laudable incentive, one which has been taken up wholesomely, making the initiative a truly modern-day success. I agree that renewables, in different guises, is the way to go. However, I believe the rush to get renewables installed more »

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