Posted on: Friday, December 7th, 2018

If you didn’t catch what Sir David Attenborough had to say at the opening ceremony of the COP24 UN climate conference, in Katowice, Poland, then you might have read in the headlines a stark warning when he called climate change “our greatest threat in thousands of years.”

So, what’s all this got to do with you and your business? Well, pretty much everything. No planet, no business. That logic isn’t hard to follow. And getting a grip on what you are consuming in energy which contributes to our global problem doesn’t require you to invest in anything new to begin with. All that’s needed is your eyes.

Increasing energy efficiency is the key solution to dealing with all our energy issues but doesn’t receive as much attention as is warranted by its potential. This is often because energy efficiency is not about one specific solution; it is far more likely to be connected to many smaller changes and interrelated steps. Compare this to the excitement of big-ticket visions such as finding a novel non-carbon source of energy or other advancements in technological solutions. That’s great for if or when a miracle energy-cure comes along. In the meantime, what are you going to do?

Our discussions on this typically start off with requesting business owners and managers to disconnect themselves from focusing solely on revenue generation and shine a light on to the dark corner of their business where money can be saved; at the main energy meter.

Gaining an understanding on the what and why of your energy consumption may sound obvious, but it’s quite incredible how little is understood against other sectors of the business that need attention. We’re doing something quite novel to overcome this with a more systems-focused approach that includes social factors such as people’s behaviours.

We believe the way forward in energy management is to integrate technical and social approaches, especially where they intervene in people’s daily lives around the challenges in reducing energy. In short, it’s all been about visualisation and the best thing about this approach is that it works. It’s simple; it’s inclusive; it’s available to deploy in your business right now.

For a look into how you and your employees can make a change that makes your business better and has David Attenborough smiling again, then REACH out to us here.

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