What’s love got to do with it?

Posted on: Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

How Tina Turner influences our HR policies

Well, as Tina rightly observed, love is more than a second-hand emotion – and as we’ve discovered in our field, love has a lot to do with innovation. This, naturally, influences the type of people we want onboard with our solutions development and company representation.

We are in a period of growth and expansion which has me asking myself this ‘love’ question frequently. If I’m reading the CV of a candidate I’m less concerned with what is written as I am with what isn’t. And by this I mean, just where is the love?

This is probably the toughest part of assessing whether someone is ready for the journey that ESDL is on. How do we gauge whether we can fuse ‘skill’ with ‘will’ of our new associates and get to that all-important place that warrants a meme? You know the type I mean…There are plenty of memes with quotes from renown business leaders saying that they don’t hire talented people to tell them what to do. It’s the inverse of that they seek.

Likewise, I want our company’s culture to be shaped by the passion of staff – when positive energy and motivation is driven through the organisation to the top then I’m at a point of contentment. Yes, I want my colleagues to excite me about what they do. I want to work in an energised environment where I’m the one who is challenged by the ideas of critical, inventive people. That’s my meme dream.

There is plenty to get passionate about in the work that we do. Indeed, there is a noble outcome to the impact that we have working in energy management. Reducing energy consumption one air-conditioner at a time makes a difference and that is something to be proud of and, yes, it is worth caring about.

It’s even worth the effort to strive to be a world leader in technology that achieves energy reduction, or, borrowing once again from Tina Turner, to be simply the best is a goal in mind. Why not?

Love changes lives, and love is changing the way we think about engineering and difference we can make.

Thanks Tina.

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